MARCH 28th + 29th

An event that brings together industry leaders and talented motion graphics students in one fantastic weekend!

The Event

CoMotion is a student sponsored and organized event that brings together top industry professionals with talented Motion Graphics Students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The event spans 2 days, March 28th, and 29th. The first day, March 28th, is a celebration of student work through the CoMotion Student Showcase in the evening, where students are honored for their incredible work in an awards ceremony. The second day, March 29th is a day packed with panel discussions, portfolio reviews, and a very special Keynote Presentation by Will Hyde of Strange&Wonderful. We’ll end the night Georgia-style with a delicious BBQ!

This year, the event will be hosted at Arnold Hall on both Friday and Saturday. Be sure to check out the schedule for more information. RSVP and get your tickets through Event Brite soon! You don’t want to miss this event!

The Schedule


  • 5:30pm
  • Arnold Hall

Saturday MARCH 29

  • 10:00am
  • Arnold Hall
  • 11:00am
  • Jay Keeree + Devon Hosford
  • Arnold Hall Auditorium
  • 11:15am
  • KEYNOTE PRESENTATION - "The Evolution of Wonder"
  • Will Hyde - Strange&Wonderful
  • Arnold Hall Auditorium
  • 12:30pm - 1:30pm
  • "Professionalism"
  • Curt Cooper - Spillt
  • Ashley Kohler - Awesome Inc.
  • Michael Guastaferro - (n+1) designstudio
  • Alexis Ames - Loyalkaspar
  • Traylor Woodall - Fivestone Studios
  • Lourri Hammack - LAIKA House
  • Arnold Hall Auditorium
  • 1:30pm - 2:15pm
  • 2:30pm - 3:30pm
  • "New Media"
  • Traylor Woodall - Fivestone Studios
  • Doug Grimmet - Primal Screen
  • Emil Karlsson - B-Reel
  • Marley Stellman - B-Reel
  • John Howell - (n+1) designstudio
  • Arnold Hall Auditorium
  • 3:45pm - 4:45pm
  • GUEST SPEAKER PRESENTATION - "The Art of Observation + Resuscitation"
  • Alan Williams - Imaginary Forces
  • Arnold Hall Auditorium
  • 5:00pm - 5:45pm
  • Student Presenters
  • Arnold Hall Auditorium
  • 6:00pm
  • Duff Yong
  • Arnold Hall Auditorium

The guests

Will Hyde - Keynote Speaker

STRANGE & WONDERFUL creates content for advertising, film, and digital media. We work with the world's leading brands to deliver unexpected creative solutions, executed with the highest level of artistry, and deployed on the most strategically effective platforms.

Strange & Wonderful is based in Seattle, born of the same DNA and caffeinated vision as our founder's two previous startups, Digital Kitchen and Süperfad. Our office is an electric environment of creativity and capability, where our team cohabitates and collaborates with a wide array of media innovators. Creative collisions are inevitable and often, as designers, animators and visual effects artists sit side-by-side with web, mobile, social media, and game developers.

Awesome Inc.
Ashley Kohler & Brandon Betts

AWESOME INCORPORATED is a multidisciplinary creative studio specializing in 2D/3D animation, broadcast design, motion graphics, and live action / mixed media production. Founded in 2005 by Drew Tyndell and Ashley Kohler, Awesome Inc began as a commercial production company, and added a series division in 2011.

Awesome Inc is currently in production on two Adult Swim Series and continues to make award-winning promos, show packaging and commercials for clients such as Nickelodeon / Nick@Nite, Fuel TV, Saatchi & Saatchi, Cartoon Network / Adult Swim, CNN, MUN2, Fitzgerald+Co., The Weather Channel, and Discovery Networks.

Will Arnold & Alexis Ames

Loyalkaspar is a branding agency focused on the entertainment industry. They love to solve problems, especially ones that challenge them to think about multi-platform, story-driven design. In this complex new media world, one thing has remained: bottom-line success depends on great creative. Whether the challenge lives on-air, on the web or is woven into the fabrics of everyday life, they believe in the symbiotic connection between strategic thinking, unwavering passion and technological ingenuity.

Curt Cooper

Spillt set up shop in 2006 as Denver's Premier Broadcast Motion Design Boutique. Since then, they have evolved and broadened their capabilities. Aside from Graphics Packages, they provide full project management for their clients that includes: concept development, script writing, editing, and audio/live action shoots. They create television show packages, broadcast commercials, network branding, promo spots, feature film titles, music videos, logo design and branded content for broadcast and interactive digital medias.

Imaginary Forces
Alan Williams

Imaginary Forces is a creative studio and production company. They create and develop content for commercial advertising, digital and interactive platforms, feature films and film marketing, television, architectural spaces, and global brands.

Since 1996, IF has told many stories, pushed many boundaries, and entertained many audiences through their work. Their family is made up of over 70 artists and creative professionals: directors, designers, writers, animators, editors, and producers, working in studios in Los Angeles and New York City.

Ashley Nowicki, Emil Karlsson, Marley Stellman

B-Reel is an international production company working in three areas: Commercials and Branded Content, Digital and Feature Films. The company works globally with offices in Stockholm, London, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin and Barcelona.

(n+1) designstudio
Janet Arlotta, John Howell, Michael Guastaferro

(n+1) designstudio are the makers, artists, thinkers, and builders who enhance and redefine the viewer experience through visual technology. They are the house where tomorrow's graphic innovations live.

They are experts in brand design and motion graphic packages for broadcast, webcast and live events. They create designs with future technological solutions in mind, such as interactive Social Media displays and Virtual and Augmented Real-time set designs.

Fivestone Studios
Traylor Woodall

Whether creating CG product marketing videos, network show packaging, or FX for broadcast spots, Fivestone delivers cutting edge creativity on time and on budget.

Gentleman Scholar
Will Campbell, Jordan Lyle

Gentleman Scholar is a group of solution driven artists situated at the intersection of story, style and technology. They bring together experience in live-action, design and animation for commercials, music videos and film.

Lourri Hammack, Alan Cook

LAIKA/house, located in Portland, Oregon, is an eclectic team of passionate artists focused on crafting memorable content across all mediums of animation (CG, 2D and Stop Motion), live action and visual effects. Acclaimed visual storytellers, they collaborate with global advertising agencies to spark life into branded characters and enrich creative concepts across tangible and digital realities. If you’ve watched prime-time TV or spent any time online in the past 30 years, you’ve experienced their work with clients including Apple, Coca-Cola, ESPN, M&M’S, Kellogg’s, Honda, Planters and Kraft.

Primal Screen
Doug Grimmett, Hunter Matheson, Joe Kubesheski, Lauren Fundora

Primal Screen has been a brand collaborator in the entertainment and marketing arenas since 1995. Their keen insight into the world of branding has produced work for television, film, the web and environmental media. They work in many sectors and with many audiences, having a particular affinity for children's broadcast.

They have delivered more than two thousand jobs and have won hundreds of prestigious awards. That experience has made them a partner that understands all phases of the creative process. Their production pipeline know-how ensures a smooth and rewarding project.

They are a full service, one stop design studio with many capabilities. For multimedia projects, they are experts at using: Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Studio Pro, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Maya, 3ds Max, Pro Tools, Flash. They are also fluent in all web standards including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Flash, Actionscript, among others.